The United Kingdom is known as the second most popular destinations for international students in the world. With high-class institutions in every corner, education in the UK was associated with excellence for hundreds of years. Even today the UK stands out from other English-speaking countries as it has much more to offer.

British education is about sharing cultural experience and providing equal opportunities to everyone. People from different parts of the world come here to study. In the UK, you will meet students from such countries as China, India, Nigeria, Malaysia, USA, Germany, Greece, France and many more. It means that the society in the UK is multicultural and all religions and faiths are represented in some way.

The UK provides its students with world-class and high-quality degrees. It is important to understand that despite education here is mainly associated with such recognizable names as Oxford and Cambridge, the traditional standard of excellence carries through to many of educational institutions throughout the UK.

Though it is believed that education in the UK can cost you a fortune, the truth is that tuition in the UK is twice as low as the tuition in the US. Furthermore, getting a degree in the UK takes less time, as most degree programs will take you three years to complete and when it comes to the master’s program, it generally takes between one and two years. Furthermore, there are a variety of scholarships and loans available to students who wish to study in the UK.

If you come to study in the UK, you can enjoy an advantage of working here. International students are allowed to work up to 10 hours a week during school term and when school is out of term, it is possible to work full-time.

Also, the UK is a great place to start your exploration of Europe. It will take you just about few hours to get to European countries such as Italy. The UK offers a lot of low-cost flights to Europe, as well as there is the Channel Tunnel that connects the island with the Eurasia.

The system of education in the UK is flexible, so you can study in a way that suits your lifestyle and career goals. Studying in Britain provides you with invaluable experience, allows broadening your horizons and discovering new perspectives.